For this post I have designed a made up Architect newsletter for my made up Architecture Society called ARCHIPAK.

The role of a modern software architect is continually shifting, and so are the underlying frameworks, platforms and tools that are used as part of the craft.

The ARCHIPARK Newsletter would be a monthly guide to all the topics, technologies and techniques that every professional architect needs to know about.

At the most basic level, my new newsletter will allow my company to connect with the architect’s community on a regular basis. This consistency will allow me to stay “top of mind” and will encourage word-of-mouth conversations about our new society. When next client is ready to hire an architect, my firm will be the first on the list.

I wanted this work to have very simple and clean layout. Something I imagine would work for architects.

For my new society of architects I also had to design a logo to represent them and their style.

I tried some combinations till I settled on the one above. The only problem was that it is too big to be placed on the front page left top so I had to fit the dedicated place.

What kind of architects would be part of this new society? I have feeling a free spirited.