Healthy Range Packaging Design

To launch my new mock-up snacks, we designed a vibrant food packaging design to sell its health benefits and make the product jump off the shelf.

I wanted my, an innovative foods company to aim and new customers who like a quirky design. Identifying a gap in the market,I wanted to introduce the UK’s first only honey snacks. Though healthy snack options are widely available, the great taste, wholesome ingredients and gluten-free designation made this product a unique and attractive offering to health-conscious consumers.

With a new product and little brand recognition, I needed a food packaging design that would stand out on retail shelves and immediately advertise it as a wholesome and delicious alternative to sugary snacks.

At the beginning I have designed a brochure for a Breakfast Bar MightyBee and I wanted to expand on the idea with more products within the range.

You can see the original brochure below.

Before work on the packaging could begin, our I needed a memorable brand identity. The name had already been decided on because it encompassed both the wholesomeness of the ingredients.

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