New Mens Tote bag Chelsea Flower show

For this post I have designed mens canvas tote bags. In my last post I have shared the design for womens canvas tote bags this post is about mens.

The product is Crafted to carry up to 10kg of weight, this toe bag is perfect for your everyday needs. And because it’s reusable and 100% bio-degradable, you can save the environment while you shop. I have to think practically I needed something which can be easily taken care of.

Material: 100% Cotton (4.5oz light fabric) | Colour: Natural (non-dyed) | Prints: Eco-friendly dyes | No hazardous chemicals

Strap Type: Attached (reinforced stitching) | Dimensions: 15″ x 16″ | Capacity: 10Kg

Proudly manufactured in ethically-certified facilities

Washing instructions: Natural fabrics are liable to shrink upon wash. All bags have been prewashed to reduce shrinkage as much as possible. Machine washable

The images for the front used are similar like the womens, but I didn’t want it to be so feminine so I have changed the look of the flowers quite considerably.

The same images where also used in my poster designs.


Packaging Design New fragrance for men

New Fragrance for men project is about creation of men’s fragrance packaging design. With my new design I had to follow some well known rules.

Such as Many psychologists believe that we feel an unconscious affinity towards the natural, prehistoric world and that men experience that feeling much more intensely than women. Hence, packaging design aimed at the male consumer tends to emphasize how ‘paleo-friendly’ a product is, making its ingredients seem like the preferred foods of Hercules himself. Quite often the packaging even features a modern day Hercules such as an Olympic medallist or famous retired athlete.

Hence the name Attila (I have changed spelling a little, but it certainly refers to Attila the Hun)who was a frequently called Attila the Hun, was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453. He was also the leader of a tribal empire consisting of Huns, Ostrogoths, and Alans among others, in Central and Eastern Europe.

It’s a well-known fact that men like to make things and love to be surrounded with materials they associate with … well … making things. Men love to touch, feel and smell wood, metal, paper, foils and all other great materials those awesome factories turn into packaging. In other words, packaging for men should contain as little fluff, bows and ribbons as possible and be sturdy enough for those “One rainy day I’ll make a … out of this” projects. Tip: Metal tins and wooden crates are always a winner when it comes to the male consumer.

I have combined Adobe Illustrator where I have created the bottle with metal look and finished it in Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create something quite bright and colourful as I was aiming at younger audience, something easily attracting attention.

I am still around the simple shape of honey comb as I have in mind creating something around the same range.

I know it is still bit cheesy, but I will expand the original idea and create something more elaborate.

I was trying to keep colours bright and trendy.

As last an advert for a magazine or newspaper or something similar.

The image image is from and photographer’s name is below.

Mudassir Ali

Sydney NSW, Australia

Skin Care for men Advert

For this post I am trying to follow the same theme. I have done a beauty products advert for women and now I have decided to do the same for men.

Thy style of the advert is the same, just the product and colour combination is different.

After creating this one I discovered that the word shampoo is too close to the graphics. The colour were also too ininteresting so I decided to change that too.

These adverts are usually used in the magazines. I wanted to have mine in one of those too.

Beauty products advert

For this post I have decide to continue with my packaging theme. I have the products, but I need to advertise them. I have created some mock-up adverts which would go into magazine or something similar.

Everything had been created using Adobe Photoshop.

After posting the advert I discovered I can still improve so I changed the paragraph to justify last left and also made the bottle bit darker.

Art is always work in progress and I see the design in a same way.

Now the real thing, the actual magazine.

Anthophila is scientific name for a bee.

The Honey bee is probably the best-known bee around, but over 270 species of bee have been recorded in Great Britain. Honey bees and bumblebees live socially, led by a queen and serviced by male drones and female worker bees.

Solitary bees tend to be smaller and their family unit is made up of a single pair. Although lots of solitary bees can be found in one area, they operate alone. Bumblebees are distinguished by their large furry bodies and species include the black and-yellow striped Garden bumblebee and Red-tailed bumblebee. Solitary bees include mason bees, leaf-cutter bees and mining bees. The Wool-carder bee strips hair from plants to weave its nest, while the Red mason bee lives inside hollow plant stems and holes in wood.

Since 1900, the UK has lost 13 species of bee, and a further 35 are considered under threat of extinction. None are protected by law. Across Europe nearly 1 in 10 wild bee species face extinction.

The outlook for bees right now is quite bleak – and their drop in numbers is a sign of the plight of the natural world as a whole. Across society, we often undervalue nature and what it does for us. The truth is, if we want an economy that provides for everyone’s needs in the long term, we need to look after our natural environment. Our politicians need to understand the importance of protecting the natural world – and protecting bees as key players in it. We’re optimistic we can make a difference – see what you’ve already helped us achieve so far.



Printed brochures make you real in the eyes of your customers; they give them something to physically hold in their hand and whilst billboards may be eye catching and websites might be convenient, customers relish having printed information in front of them, literally at their fingertips. This also gives customers the freedom to take your brochure away and read it at their own leisure. A huge PLUS in comparison to a bus flying past and having to scrawl your number down on the back of their hand.

As well as being able to include the information you want, written in the style you want, brochures also offer you a lot of freedom in their appearance. You can present your brand the way you want your customers to see it through the paper and materials you use. Thicker pages and high quality card will make your customers see you value luxury and quality. If you’d like to paint your brand in a different light, without using expensive paper or card you can do that too.

In this part of my portfolio I am showing the types of brochures I can do. I have really enjoyed the whole process of working on all of these.

tea 4 show

brownie letak

coffe shopz




leaflet for web




For the design of the brochure below I have chosen quite vintage look. I was aiming at something reminding style of “Bauhaus” which I find ecstatically pleasing.

I have selected the colour for the name of the studio on purpose. I wanted it to stand out from the rest of the brochure to draw attention of the viewer to that particular part of the brochure.

Photographs chosen to be presented in the brochure are all very airy feeling buildings for the customer to be aware what style of architecture can be expected from this studio.

Graphic Design starting from the basics Day 5

I was working very during the whole and some of the made things I just don’t feel like sharing with anyone, but the stuff I have produced the last day of the course I am actually very happy with.

During past we week we were mainly focusing on making the design by hand to start with and I actually enjoy this way of working very much. I always had an impression it is much quicker on the computer, but that it is not true the results are better with the beginnings of the design process done by hand.

On our our last last day we were given brief to design a Tate poster for all 4 locations. We were provided with material such as a text and some images. I have always lived with impression that graphic design is something I can easily do, but hand on a heart I have never really done it the proper way and this course has just showed there is still lots to learn.

I have taken a photos of the whole group posters so you can see them too. Below is the photo from the group.


It is always striking to see how many different ideas people have I think they are all absolutely great “design frenzy”.


Graphic Design starting from the basics Day 1

This post is not about graphic design theory ,but about being playful and looking at generating inspiration applying very basic methods.

I have recently discovered that although I have spent past two years trying to learn graphic design I don’t know much about it yet. I am coming from art background and doing creative things is something I do since I was seven years old.

Two years ago I have finally discovered that to remain in creative field and survive I need to do something what can generate income. Shortly the graphic design became my main focus and I wanted to learn it and retrain myself.

I have done several course and since money were and still are bit tight I couldn’t afford to go to university. I am than improvising and doing max 1 year courses and now I went for something even shorter and that is one week. It is a Graphic Design Summer School at City Lit, where anyone can try anything and maybe make a career change after.

Now I feel I have written enough and it is time to show what we did the first day.


We started with this a creation of letters from a geometric shapes. If you wonder what they are they are all ice cream flavors. I think it looks really cool. There was about nine people so this is what we created.

In the afternoon we did something else which was also brilliant. With the previous exercise we couldn’t choose the flavor it was random pick and same applies for the second exercise.

All the words above are consisted from nine letters and all are a collage of letters from magazines. I think this idea is just great when one is stuck over some design work this can really help to get moving.

Last task was slightly different each of started with one letter and than passed it on to the person sitting next.





I love being creative and sometimes I simply go over the top. This project you are about to see is only about patterns. The initial task was to create a gift packaging featuring a pattern inspired by object in The British Museum collection. I was walking around thinking about what can be used as a base for my pattern. I was lucky in North American Gallery – room 26 featuring pottery from a culture called Sky City. The featured image is actually the jar I took the inspiration from.


The initial drawing can be seen too. I used simple method to trace it in Adobe Illustrator. I then opened this in Adobe Photoshop and used the define pattern options and there it was.