New Collection of Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Memorabilia

In this post I am introducing a bigger range of memorabilia objects accompaning The Chelsea Flower Show.

I decided to go for very classic motives so no skulls or other such motives. I have also expanded the range to include plates, mugs and teas for this occasion.

I wanted to keep consistency in my designs. For this reason I was only changing the colour and Hue/Saturation of the same motive.

For my mugs I also needed tea. I have designed a tins for my Leaf and Infusions teas.

After this work had been done I realised it requires a proper display something people would be interested in buying.

Now I have realised I have teas and mugs on display, but some of the mugs illustrations do not correspond to the designated tea. I saw it as an issue. I have decided that there is a need for a violet and chamomile mug.

Some of my potential customers could possibly favour a violet or chamomile mug to go with their tea.

I am adding a gallery for closer look.

Now I have teas and mugs to go with. I have now felt I might get hungry where would I put my cake? Surely not right on the table. I have decide to complement my collection with with limited adition of plates.

Below you can see a gallery with each plate on its own.

I was very happy with this work.

In the previous post of the Chelsea flower Show I have designed ladies t-shirts which you can see if you click HERE I felt that there is a space for improvement of the designs. I have decided I will create a new range to complement this new collection.

I feel like the theme has been covered, but nobody knows.

I am adding a gallery of used images.


New Cyber Café packaging + branded items

For this new post I have prepared a packaging for The Cyber Caffee.

This Caffee doesn’t really exist, but if it did this would be their packaging.

For anything branded the style of items should be consistent. In this case I am presenting it should be the same.

The colours are more around grey scale rather something summery as it would go well with the theme.

The mood of the packaging is bit robotic and in style of “The Metropolis” movie I have done in one of the earlier posts. You can check that if you click HERE.

The Project was produced by using Adobe Illustrator for the logo creation and Adobe Photoshop for the rest.

In this case I wanted the robot the robot’s head to indicate danger of being constantly watch. To make it not so threatening I used coffee mug instead of his mouth.

In this case I am humanising the robot making him to drink coffee and eat chocolate.

In this case the design is very simple, but sometimes that is the best. I have used a chip as the main symbol.

Overall I am happy with this work as it reflects current culture.

Below you can the the used illustrations in more detail.

New Japanase Tea set

For this post I have prepared simething slightly different than usual. It is a Japanese tea set.

The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. It is a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea, called Matcha, together with traditional Japanese sweets to balance with the bitter taste of the tea. Preparing tea in this ceremony means pouring all one’s attention into the predefined movements. The whole process is not about drinking tea, but is about aesthetics, preparing a bowl of tea from one’s heart. The host of the ceremony always considers the guests with every movement and gesture. Even the placement of the tea utensils is considered from the guests view point (angle), especially the main guests called the Shokyaku.

I have only attended one tea ceremony in my life. It was interesting to see and attend. Unfortunatelly I do not like the taste of green tea much.

I have only designed the set.

Because I like creating whole sets of things I have also created a range of tote bags. Such bags can be used for attendance to a tea ceremony for example.

New Dentist Tri-Fold Brochure

For this post I have prepapred a new tri-fold dentist brochure. The design was created by combination of Adobe InDesign, which is best was desktop publishing such as in this occasion.

The logo was created using Adobe Illustrator as it is a great tool for vector works.

Some small adjustments were done using Adobe Photoshop.

The topic is “Dentist” is tough one as I don’t know a person who likes going to the dentist, but that doesn’t mean there is no need for a dentist brochures.

At the beginning I knew I had to create a name and logo for my mock-up dental practice. I wanted to create business cards, t-shirts for a staff and maybe some branded items such as mugs and maybe cups for customer’s toothbrushes.

The image below is illustrating my search for ideal logo and name.

I was happy with my logo and I really liked the name. In this stage I could proceed to the brochure design itself.

By creating this work I was thinking I will overcome my personal fears of dentist.

As a professional I have also created some different colour version to my design.

I wanted to see how the text would look in white, therefore I have also created one version with white text.

I was very keen to use my logo while creating business card for the members of te staff working at the clinic.

Every company should offer a branded company T-shirt I have also created these.

The cards are bit bigger than in real life size, but that would be hard to see the design, therefore I have decided to make them bigger for this very reason.

New Medical tri-fold Brochure

For this post I have prepared a medical trifold brochure to keep carrying on the theme of medical stationary.

We all need healthcare so therefore I think it is important to keep developing a good design to complement it.

I had to think about the logo I wanted to use. I knew I wanted something heart warming and quite simple. I have decided on a heart which could be used through all the products.

To make the project complete I have also created a business cards and branded t-shirts.

For a variation of a style I have done also different colour combinations.

In my personal opinion the pink is the best and works very well on the business cards too which you can see below.

I have also designed a darker version the colour combination is more feminine as it is for a woman.

I have played slightly with placement and the size of the logo with intention to offer more choices and variations.

Beauty Spa Tri-fold Brochure

For this new post I have prepared a new brochure for a beauty spa.

I have also prepared a brand identity for this company.

I have designed a logo, business cards, headed paper and branded t-shirt.

The colours are kept as natural and warm as possible.

All the brochure design has been done using Adobe InDesign.

Promotional Graphics for Gay Pride 2019

For some time I have been volunteering for Wise Thoughts which creates dynamic local, national and international arts initiatives in addition is delivering services that help address social justice issues for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI+) and Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

I didn’t want to work for free for some corporation while still learning so this is a cause with meaning.

For this post I posting a bi-fold brochure for this charity and placards which will be taken to the pride itself.

I think in real life it looks lot better.

With the placards is important to keep the message clear and easy to read.

Skin Care Packaging Portfolio

This post is introducing my Skin Care Packaging Portfolio.

In the past posts I have devoted few posts to skin care packaging. In this entry I would like to summarise it and put it in one place.

Packaging Design Portfolio

I am posting this to show my graphic design portfolio for a job interview.

The position was focused on packaging. I do not know if I will get the job or no, but I did my hardest.

To be fair this my first portfolio in this style I have ever done. I am sure it won’t be my last.