Swimming classes banner

Creating these banners is a part of my plan for expansion of my skill base. I have done this banner to try something new and promote psychical exercise . I have used images from ww.pexels.com

I am listing the artists below.

Porapak Apichodilok


Jim De Ramos

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines



Oleksandr Pidvalnyi




The text of the banner was copied from.


You are free to try their classes. I am sure they are great.

Bi Fold Brochure

I wanted to do some food brochure. So I did this one. I might have to do another version with the page on the other side, but I was keen to share this.

Because I felt I haven’t done much work yet, I am quickly adding card too. I have copied the address from the internet. Surely there is something, but not the Mighty Bee Breakfast Bar, I have made that up.

I need to thank for the photos, they from pexels.com again. The authors are listed below.

Foodie FactorF


Wendy Wei

Toronto, ON, Canada

Lina KivakaD

London, UK









Trang Doan

Montreal, QC, Canada


info@the90skid.ca |

Electronic Music Party Flyer

I this post I wanted to create a music club flyer at the it is electronic music party flyer.

The tower you can see is The Berlin TV Tower (German: Fernsehturm) is a television tower in central Berlin, Germany (close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte).  

The tower was designed by East German architects Fritz Dieter, GÜnter Franke and Werner Ahrendt and constructed by the administration of the German Democratic Republic between 1965 and 1969.  Test broadcasts began on 3 October 1969, and the tower was officially inaugurated four days later on the GDR’s National Day.  The tower was not only meant to transmit television signals, it was meant to be a symbol of Berlin (which it remains today, as it is easily visible throughout the central and some suburban districts of Berlin) and to be one of the most important symbols demonstrating the superiority of a socialist society.

I once and went to have a tea there with my mother, one nice thing about it it keeps turning around.

With its height of 368 meters (1,198 ft), it is the tallest structure in Germany, the second tallest structure in the European Union (by half a metre), and is the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe.  There is a visitor platform and a revolving restaurant in the middle of the sphere. The visitor platform, also called panoramic floor, is at a height of about 203 metres (666 ft) above the ground and visibility can reach 42 kilometres (26 mi) on a clear day. The restaurant TelecafÉ, which rotates once every 30 minutes, is a few metres above the visitors platform at 207 metres (679 ft) (originally it turned once per hour; the speed was later doubled following the tower’s late 1990s renovation). Inside the shaft are two lifts that shuttle visitors up to the sphere of the tower within 40 seconds. There is also a Staircase with 986 steps.

Summer Camp flyer

As a child I used go to the summer camp. I absolutely loved it. My childhood memories enriched by the memories of the adventures I experienced there. For nothing in the world I would give it away. I this this was one of the best things my parents could have done for me.

For this flyer I chose the summer camp topic.

Holiday Flyer

In this part of world where I live we have winter now. I know in few months from now on it will be different, but now the weather is cold and grey. I was thinking about creating a summer holiday flyer or it doesn’t have to be summer, but somewhere where it is hot.

This is my flyer evoking warmer climate.

Orchid Promotion flyer

One has to follow a trend. With my new flyer I am doing just that.

The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. In fact, Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a girl.

During the Victorian era, orchid symbolism shifted to luxury, and today this sense of magnificence and artful splendor continues, with orchids representing rare and delicate beauty. The 14th wedding anniversary flower, pink orchids convey pure affection, and the popular cattelya orchid represents mature charm.