Wedding invite

This is my first attempt to create a wedding invite and I think I need to study more. I might delete it as soon I create new one, but for now it will have to do.


I promise I will do more in near future.

Restaurant menu

Over the past years I have done number of Photoshop courses. If I try to remember the very first time I encountered Adobe Photoshop I am talking about somewhere around 2000 when I was still at high school. Back than I couldn’t do much I was happy with opening, closing and saving my document, but things are better now. If I am counting right it is 18 years it sounds like somebodies whole life.

I can use the application, but there is still lots I need to learn. I have created my first restaurant menu using Photoshop. I have always thought the best application to use for this is Adobe InDesign, but that is quite tricky software to use as there is quite a lot of rules which need to be followed to be able to use it ¬†successfully. Sometimes I think I just haven’t got the patience for it. Enough talking here is my menu.



I have created this booklet to display my photograph. The subjects are not the nicest ,but they function here as witnesses how we treat the environment around us. The photos are taken on the banks of  the river Lea.

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