A new fragrance for men

Today I have diced to devote my day to creation of men’s fragrance packaging.

I have combined Adobe Illustrator where I have created the bottle and finished it in Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create something quite bright and colourful , something easily attracting attention.

I am still around the simple shape of honey comb as I have in mind creating something around the same range.

I know it is still bit cheesy, but I will expand the original idea and create something more elaborate.

I am not sure if anybody would buy such fragrance, but I tried as much as I could to make it attractive.

The last comes the magazine.

Above you can see advert I have create for a magazine or newspaper or something like that.

The photo is from pexels.com contact for photographer is written below.

Mudassir Ali

Sydney NSW, Australia
pixelcop pixelcop.mudassirali.com


Holiday Flyer

In this part of world where I live we have winter now. I know in few months from now on it will be different, but now the weather is cold and grey. I was thinking about creating a summer holiday flyer or it doesn’t have to be summer, but somewhere where it is hot.

This is my flyer evoking warmer climate.