Prague panorama

I was in Prague this week, visiting my family. I love that city so much. I know the weather wasn’t warm yet and there isn’t much green too, but nothing is stopping my from taking photographs and etc.

I have done this panorama just to please my heart. I know the gif is not perfect, but I couldn’t help it.

I have to admit I haven’t done the the drawing myself, but copied it from the internet.

The artist is well known his name is Richard Williams.

I mean there are loads of gifs around which are free to download such as below.



Holiday Flyer

In this part of world where I live we have winter now. I know in few months from now on it will be different, but now the weather is cold and grey. I was thinking about creating a summer holiday flyer or it doesn’t have to be summer, but somewhere where it is hot.

This is my flyer evoking warmer climate.