Grimm’s tale made into movie poster

I have created this poster using Adobe Photoshop. I wanted something quite grim as I have learned some new tricks in Adobe Photoshop and wanted to test them. I have created a horror movie, drama and thriller, but not fairy tale and the Grimm’s works seemed perfect.

The Twin Brothers is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, tale number 60. It is Arne-Thompson type 567A, the magic bird heart, and type 303, the blood brothers.


After creating this grim poster I suddenly interested if the word grim is some how related to the Grimm Brothers. Here is what I have found.

Two famous uses of the adjective grim are the Grim Reaper and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Mr. Reaper shows up in movies and books wearing a long, hooded black cape and carrying a scythe, or long-handled blade used, in less grim circumstances, for mowing grass and reaping grain: he represents death. The real-life German brothers wrote some bone-chilling tales under their own name, Grimm, meaning “cruel, fierce,” which is related to the English word grim. Modern grim things include crime-drama images of dead bodies and characters in horror movies.

London Panorama

Apart from creating movie posters and etc. I also like taking photographs. One photo is never enough to capture the whole view. I wanted to fix this problem which can be quite easily fixed with Adobe Photoshop application.

I created three panoramas all three are from slightly different position. I hope you will like them.

New Movie poster

I am posting this new movie poster. Well the theme is dramatic again and this time London is featuring in it. Experience told me I am not genius and I still need to learn a lot so this poster as the previous one was created with help of a tutorial. It is not an exact copy, but result is very similar the original I was learning from.

With this information revealed I can’t take all the credits for it’s creation.


Tri Fold Tea Brochure

I have created this brochure for the very same reason as the others to build my portfolio. As an aspiring graphic designer I need to practice my skills and test my knowledge.

Please do not call any of the numbers shown or do not visit the website as I think it exist, but has got slightly different content.

All the work shown in this post had been done in Adobe Photoshop.


Brownies Bi Fold Menu Brochure

I have created this brownie menu in Adobe Photoshop. I have mentioned in earlier post I have always thought that for creating this type of document it is best to use Adobe InDesign, but it is possible to do quite decent job using Adobe Photoshop.

In real life I don’t like brownies, but nothing is stopping me from creating a menu for them.

I have also tried to research if brownies have some health benefits and below is the information I have found.

Some of the healthy nutritional facts about brownies are:

  • Improves heart health.
  • Refreshes your mood and keeps you healthy.
  • Slows down the aging process.
  • Low cholesterol level.
  • Helps in controlling blood sugar level.
  • Provide deep sleep and improve sleeping disorders.
  • Helps in reducing stress and depression.
  • Contains protein in large amount.



Restaurant menu

Over the past years I have done number of Photoshop courses. If I try to remember the very first time I encountered Adobe Photoshop I am talking about somewhere around 2000 when I was still at high school. Back than I couldn’t do much I was happy with opening, closing and saving my document, but things are better now. If I am counting right it is 18 years it sounds like somebodies whole life.

I can use the application, but there is still lots I need to learn. I have created my first restaurant menu using Photoshop. I have always thought the best application to use for this is Adobe InDesign, but that is quite tricky software to use as there is quite a lot of rules which need to be followed to be able to use it ¬†successfully. Sometimes I think I just haven’t got the patience for it. Enough talking here is my menu.


Horror movie poster

I really enjoy creating this movie posters as I have admitted in yesterday post I can’t take all the credits for it as I cheat with following a tutorial on youtube.

This new poster is on a horror movie. I can’t stand horror movies and I have only saw The Blair Witch Project¬†(1999), which put me off watching any other horror movies for good.

In this case it was a fun project putting myself as the main model for the poster. I will do more posters in near future as I really enjoy it. Next time I might do some action movie poster.

I wanted my poster to look dated something somebody discovered recently to complement the theme of a mystery.


Graphic Design starting from the basics Day 2

Today post is about a second day activity of the Summer Graphic Design School at City Lit.

Today we started by trying to create a words using only rectangular shapes we had options of using about three different shades of grey and the background was this cut paper back so it was beige colour.

The aim of this exercise as I saw it was practice how to pass the message in the simplest way possible. I found it bit challenging as we couldn’t choose the words we wanted but were given some randomly. I have also found this reality about myself I am not the brightest in the morning and find it bit hard to be creative right the way.

words from shapes1

These are created by the whole class and some of them are pretty hilarious like the tunnel the third line the far right or the sliding just above. My one is the plus sign above meaning to depict adding.


I find very interesting all the different approaches people have to the same task.


I think my favourite is the noise second line from the top the far right. I see it as very successful attempt. Mine one is the bottom right meaning jumping up. I also think the secret the second line from the bottom second left is great. You can’t really see it ,but there is something hidden underneath the black strip.