Santa Christmas Part Poster

Christmas is a time of fun, family and gifts for many. For other people it is a time of loneliness or December stress. However,   why do we actually celebrate Christmas?

I personally have bit of resistance against Christmas. 1st I used to work in retail and there is a Christmas mainly for achieving the highest number of sales from the whole year.

2nd I am only child of my mother, my father was divorced so he had a children from previous marriage, but they are much older than me. I am actually not really single child neither I have siblings.

Anyways my dad died in 1997 and that gap of family of 3 was never really filled. I still see it as it is bit too empty. Maybe this year I  will try bit harder to overcome the resistance.

I have create Christmas posters to bring some joy.


Author: Zuzana Dobiasova

Howdy! I love making art with my computer

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