In this post I am introducing a bigger range of memorabilia objects accompaning The Chelsea Flower Show.

I decided to go for very classic motives so no skulls or other such motives. I have also expanded the range to include plates, mugs and teas for this occasion.

I wanted to keep consistency in my designs. For this reason I was only changing the colour and Hue/Saturation of the same motive.

For my mugs I also needed tea. I have designed a tins for my Leaf and Infusions teas.

After this work had been done I realised it requires a proper display something people would be interested in buying.

Now I have realised I have teas and mugs on display, but some of the mugs illustrations do not correspond to the designated tea. I saw it as an issue. I have decided that there is a need for a violet and chamomile mug.

Some of my potential customers could possibly favour a violet or chamomile mug to go with their tea.

I am adding a gallery for closer look.

Now I have teas and mugs to go with. I have now felt I might get hungry where would I put my cake? Surely not right on the table. I have decide to complement my collection with with limited adition of plates.

Below you can see a gallery with each plate on its own.

I was very happy with this work.

In the previous post of the Chelsea flower Show I have designed ladies t-shirts which you can see if you click HERE I felt that there is a space for improvement of the designs. I have decided I will create a new range to complement this new collection.

I feel like the theme has been covered, but nobody knows.

I am adding a gallery of used images.