Printed brochures make you real in the eyes of your customers; they give them something to physically hold in their hand and whilst billboards may be eye catching and websites might be convenient, customers relish having printed information in front of them, literally at their fingertips. This also gives customers the freedom to take your brochure away and read it at their own leisure. A huge PLUS in comparison to a bus flying past and having to scrawl your number down on the back of their hand.

As well as being able to include the information you want, written in the style you want, brochures also offer you a lot of freedom in their appearance. You can present your brand the way you want your customers to see it through the paper and materials you use. Thicker pages and high quality card will make your customers see you value luxury and quality. If you’d like to paint your brand in a different light, without using expensive paper or card you can do that too.

In this part of my portfolio I am showing the types of brochures I can do. I have really enjoyed the whole process of working on all of these.

tea 4 show

brownie letak

coffe shopz




leaflet for web




For the design of the brochure below I have chosen quite vintage look. I was aiming at something reminding style of “Bauhaus” which I find ecstatically pleasing.

I have selected the colour for the name of the studio on purpose. I wanted it to stand out from the rest of the brochure to draw attention of the viewer to that particular part of the brochure.

Photographs chosen to be presented in the brochure are all very airy feeling buildings for the customer to be aware what style of architecture can be expected from this studio.