Men’s t-shirt design

This project is follow up of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. I have designed posters, women’s tote bag, women’s t-shirt, men’s tote bag and now I have designed a men’s t-shirt. I have tried to follow same pattern as with the ladies t-shirts.

I wanted to produce a unique range of t-shirts for men. I am aware of the importance to create something unusual to attract the attention of the audience. The latest opinion is that I have created something for “goths”. I am not sure about that I actually agree, but that is just someones opinion.


I set myself task to produce range of memorabilia t-shirts accompanying The Chelsea flower show something featuring flowers in atypical arrangements.

Below you can see an image gallery for closer look of the designs printed on the t-shirts.

I am also adding the image gallery for closer look on the images used. I have credited the artists who are responsible for the photography. Below is the second image gallery where you can have a closer look at each design.

The gallery below also offers closer look at the t-shirts.

In addition to these I have also create a limited edition which I have called “Designer’s Favorite”. Please see below.

Next images is a brand identity example.

I am done with my designs. The last thing what I have to do is to advertise it. The next few images will be of me promoting ma t-shirt brand and trying to reach my customers through advertising in the magazines.

Why is important to advertise?

Magazines offer advertisers highly targeted audiences. … Due to the breadth and depth of magazine titles available to consumers, advertisers are able to pinpoint their target market and then purchase ad space in the magazines they subscribe to (or those they steal from the dentist’s office).


without the work of other people I wouldn’t about to finish this project. For this very reason I will give credits.

Free t-shirt mock-up

Background psd created by freepik –

Brand identity mock-up, which wasn’t free


Skeleton on the skateboard


Packaging Design New fragrance for men

New Fragrance for men project is about creation of men’s fragrance packaging design. With my new design I had to follow some well known rules.

Such as Many psychologists believe that we feel an unconscious affinity towards the natural, prehistoric world and that men experience that feeling much more intensely than women. Hence, packaging design aimed at the male consumer tends to emphasize how ‘paleo-friendly’ a product is, making its ingredients seem like the preferred foods of Hercules himself. Quite often the packaging even features a modern day Hercules such as an Olympic medallist or famous retired athlete.

Hence the name Attila (I have changed spelling a little, but it certainly refers to Attila the Hun)who was a frequently called Attila the Hun, was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453. He was also the leader of a tribal empire consisting of Huns, Ostrogoths, and Alans among others, in Central and Eastern Europe.

It’s a well-known fact that men like to make things and love to be surrounded with materials they associate with … well … making things. Men love to touch, feel and smell wood, metal, paper, foils and all other great materials those awesome factories turn into packaging. In other words, packaging for men should contain as little fluff, bows and ribbons as possible and be sturdy enough for those “One rainy day I’ll make a … out of this” projects. Tip: Metal tins and wooden crates are always a winner when it comes to the male consumer.

I have combined Adobe Illustrator where I have created the bottle with metal look and finished it in Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create something quite bright and colourful as I was aiming at younger audience, something easily attracting attention.

I am still around the simple shape of honey comb as I have in mind creating something around the same range.

I know it is still bit cheesy, but I will expand the original idea and create something more elaborate.

I was trying to keep colours bright and trendy.

As last an advert for a magazine or newspaper or something similar.

The image image is from and photographer’s name is below.

Mudassir Ali

Sydney NSW, Australia