Skin Care Packaging Design

This project was about a skin care packaging design.



Small businesses are usually in need of great effort to make sure it stabilises and expands into a big business. One of the core efforts is to market and promote the products and services it offers.Teardrop banners, as well as other banners, are usually one of the easiest and most efficient ways to use in promoting the products and services. They have helped businesses in many ways like being contributions to the business growth.

For my portfolio website I want to show a whole range of graphic design products I can do.

With all the designs I was trying for a modern and engaging look.

Japanese Restaurant Banner

The name for the restaurant is “Koi” like the fish, which is in the background of the banner.

When choosing and deciding on colours I always colour pick from the photos presented in the image.

The type used is Avenir interchanging between sizes type like Light/Medium/Bold.

With the styling and composition I wanted it as simple as possible, but still engaging the viewer. The layout should evoke fans and dancing figures something evoking Japanese culture.

I have also created small table menus to complement the project.

Coffee Shop Banner

I am aware that having a good banners for for your business is crucial and it is the only way how to promote and attract customers passing by.

It will be tough to find a modern restaurant or coffee shop that does not use banner displays in one form or another. Their ability to make any outlet look more attractive and professional is well known. Most restaurant and café owners have realised that their potential goes much beyond just looks and ambience.

They are very effective sales tools and can be used to attract customers, improve sales, and advertise new items. They are also useful in organizing the outlet and increasing customer comfort. Read on and discover some exciting ideas with coffee shop banners.

Banner stands are low cost solutions that can help with:

1: Attracting customers on the street and encouraging them to walk in.
2: Window displays and wall decor.
3: Organizing the outlet and seating areas with partitions. This is especially useful in outdoor seating areas.
4: Providing information inside the outlet, for example, the menu, store timings, new items or special offers.

Attracting Customers Into The Outlet

Banners can make your outlet visible to customers even from some distance on the street. Fairly large signs are visible even from a block away when placed at a height.

A strategically placed display stand on the pavement that displays your best selling menu items or specials will encourage passers-by to walk in and try something. The vertical A-frame Pop up banner (which is the one I am showing) is a good option for this purpose. It can be weighted down for stability and its two banners will allow you to display colourful graphics or messages to attract people coming from either direction.

Swimming classes banner

Swimming class banner is here to promote a healthy life style. I wanted to create something inviting for my potential clients.

In this project I have included as much informations as possible. The tone of this work is to show something which can be very scary for some in not complicated way. Displaying a child and old person without fear of the activity.

The elements within the banner should evoke bubbles in water. The colours are playful and happy with the side for children and for adults I have used more serious palette.

I wanted to show photographs of real people taking the classes to demonstrate accessibility of the classes.

For the credits of used images and the whole post please click HERE

Men’s t-shirt design

This project is follow up of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. I have designed posters, women’s tote bag, women’s t-shirt, men’s tote bag and now I have designed a men’s t-shirt. I have tried to follow same pattern as with the ladies t-shirts.

I wanted to produce a unique range of t-shirts for men. I am aware of the importance to create something unusual to attract the attention of the audience. The latest opinion is that I have created something for “goths”. I am not sure about that I actually agree, but that is just someones opinion.


I set myself task to produce range of memorabilia t-shirts accompanying The Chelsea flower show something featuring flowers in atypical arrangements.

Below you can see an image gallery for closer look of the designs printed on the t-shirts.

I am also adding the image gallery for closer look on the images used. I have credited the artists who are responsible for the photography. Below is the second image gallery where you can have a closer look at each design.

The gallery below also offers closer look at the t-shirts.

In addition to these I have also create a limited edition which I have called “Designer’s Favorite”. Please see below.

Next images is a brand identity example.

I am done with my designs. The last thing what I have to do is to advertise it. The next few images will be of me promoting ma t-shirt brand and trying to reach my customers through advertising in the magazines.

Why is important to advertise?

Magazines offer advertisers highly targeted audiences. … Due to the breadth and depth of magazine titles available to consumers, advertisers are able to pinpoint their target market and then purchase ad space in the magazines they subscribe to (or those they steal from the dentist’s office).


without the work of other people I wouldn’t about to finish this project. For this very reason I will give credits.

Free t-shirt mock-up

Background psd created by freepik –

Brand identity mock-up, which wasn’t free


Skeleton on the skateboard



Printed brochures make you real in the eyes of your customers; they give them something to physically hold in their hand and whilst billboards may be eye catching and websites might be convenient, customers relish having printed information in front of them, literally at their fingertips. This also gives customers the freedom to take your brochure away and read it at their own leisure. A huge PLUS in comparison to a bus flying past and having to scrawl your number down on the back of their hand.

As well as being able to include the information you want, written in the style you want, brochures also offer you a lot of freedom in their appearance. You can present your brand the way you want your customers to see it through the paper and materials you use. Thicker pages and high quality card will make your customers see you value luxury and quality. If you’d like to paint your brand in a different light, without using expensive paper or card you can do that too.

In this part of my portfolio I am showing the types of brochures I can do. I have really enjoyed the whole process of working on all of these.

tea 4 show

brownie letak

coffe shopz




leaflet for web




For the design of the brochure below I have chosen quite vintage look. I was aiming at something reminding style of “Bauhaus” which I find ecstatically pleasing.

I have selected the colour for the name of the studio on purpose. I wanted it to stand out from the rest of the brochure to draw attention of the viewer to that particular part of the brochure.

Photographs chosen to be presented in the brochure are all very airy feeling buildings for the customer to be aware what style of architecture can be expected from this studio.