Recently I have finshed a commision for mascot and diploma design.

Here I am going to show you the process I went through.

The client for this brief is a charity Czech Republic MS Society Unie Roska.

I occasionally do design work for them.

This brief was to design a mascot with called “Ada”. Ada is a penguin.

Ada’s job is cheer people up. I see the connection with people with MS and Ada both are quite clumsy at a times.

The occassion for mascot creation was a competition for patients suffering with MS. The competition is something like Olympic games but in this case for people with MS called “Roskiada 2019”. We all know that movement is a key and one has to keep moving.

When I am starting a new project I tend to do a reasearch first. It is quite helpful to see how other people did it. In this case I din’t like anything I saw.

The brief was to design “Ada” who is qoing to be featuring on diplomas for the winners. They also had a somebody who is going to crochet the mascot. I had have in mind that I should accompany this element into my design process.

Okay i had these done. Now I could go and progress to actual design work. I always like to offer few options to my client.

This is what I did. The brief was to design something featuring the charity colours, which is orange and green as you can see on th logo below.

I was satisfied with these designs and presented them to the client. The absolute winner was number 6.

The next stage is to put this mascot on a diploma. I have suggested that I will do them in three colours. I went back to designing and changed the colours of my little figure.

I am also offering option with stroke and without stroke.

These are the diplomas. I hope that the winners were pleased with it.

I have also decided to create some branded items to with this collection.

With this I am comming back to my favorite memorabilia. I feel it would be nice for the contestants to bring something home to remember apart from a diploma.

I have also created a branded t-shirts, I think it would be nice.

I hope you have njoyed my little collection