Today I am just going to post a few pictures I took on my regular walk in the nearby park. It is now clear that spring has come and with it the hundreds of feathered singers. My most favourite is robin. There is so many of them here and they all sing. Sometime is quite hard to have a glimpse of the singing bird, but you can certainly hear it. In the single occasion I took the pictures posted here he wasn’t shy at all.

The robin is one of the most familiar birds of the UK, regularly visiting gardens. Robins are also common in parks, scrub and woodland, making their presence known with a loud, territorial song. They sing from prominent perches right through the winter, when both males and females hold territories; indeed, they are fiercely territorial, driving off intruders and even fighting. During the breeding season, the female is allowed into the male’s territory where she sets up a nest of dead leaves, moss and hair. Nests often crop up in the oddest of places, such as plant pots, old wellies and shelves, but Ivy and other shrubs are their natural choice.