Graphic Design starting from the basics Day 5

I was working very during the whole and some of the made things I just don’t feel like sharing with anyone, but the stuff I have produced the last day of the course I am actually very happy with.

During past we week we were mainly focusing on making the design by hand to start with and I actually enjoy this way of working very much. I always had an impression it is much quicker on the computer, but that it is not true the results are better with the beginnings of the design process done by hand.

On our our last last day we were given brief to design a Tate poster for all 4 locations. We were provided with material such as a text and some images. I have always lived with impression that graphic design is something I can easily do, but hand on a heart I have never really done it the proper way and this course has just showed there is still lots to learn.

I have taken a photos of the whole group posters so you can see them too. Below is the photo from the group.


It is always striking to see how many different ideas people have I think they are all absolutely great “design frenzy”.



Graphic Design starting from the basics Day 2

Today post is about a second day activity of the Summer Graphic Design School at City Lit.

Today we started by trying to create a words using only rectangular shapes we had options of using about three different shades of grey and the background was this cut paper back so it was beige colour.

The aim of this exercise as I saw it was practice how to pass the message in the simplest way possible. I found it bit challenging as we couldn’t choose the words we wanted but were given some randomly. I have also found this reality about myself I am not the brightest in the morning and find it bit hard to be creative right the way.

words from shapes1

These are created by the whole class and some of them are pretty hilarious like the tunnel the third line the far right or the sliding just above. My one is the plus sign above meaning to depict adding.


I find very interesting all the different approaches people have to the same task.


I think my favourite is the noise second line from the top the far right. I see it as very successful attempt. Mine one is the bottom right meaning jumping up. I also think the secret the second line from the bottom second left is great. You can’t really see it ,but there is something hidden underneath the black strip.


Graphic Design starting from the basics Day 1

This post is not about graphic design theory ,but about being playful and looking at generating inspiration applying very basic methods.

I have recently discovered that although I have spent past two years trying to learn graphic design I don’t know much about it yet. I am coming from art background and doing creative things is something I do since I was seven years old.

Two years ago I have finally discovered that to remain in creative field and survive I need to do something what can generate income. Shortly the graphic design became my main focus and I wanted to learn it and retrain myself.

I have done several course and since money were and still are bit tight I couldn’t afford to go to university. I am than improvising and doing max 1 year courses and now I went for something even shorter and that is one week. It is a Graphic Design Summer School at City Lit, where anyone can try anything and maybe make a career change after.

Now I feel I have written enough and it is time to show what we did the first day.


We started with this a creation of letters from a geometric shapes. If you wonder what they are they are all ice cream flavors. I think it looks really cool. There was about nine people so this is what we created.

In the afternoon we did something else which was also brilliant. With the previous exercise we couldn’t choose the flavor it was random pick and same applies for the second exercise.

All the words above are consisted from nine letters and all are a collage of letters from magazines. I think this idea is just great when one is stuck over some design work this can really help to get moving.

Last task was slightly different each of started with one letter and than passed it on to the person sitting next.