Today post is about a second day activity of the Summer Graphic Design School at City Lit.

Today we started by trying to create a words using only rectangular shapes we had options of using about three different shades of grey and the background was this cut paper back so it was beige colour.

The aim of this exercise as I saw it was practice how to pass the message in the simplest way possible. I found it bit challenging as we couldn’t choose the words we wanted but were given some randomly. I have also found this reality about myself I am not the brightest in the morning and find it bit hard to be creative right the way.

words from shapes1

These are created by the whole class and some of them are pretty hilarious like the tunnel the third line the far right or the sliding just above. My one is the plus sign above meaning to depict adding.


I find very interesting all the different approaches people have to the same task.


I think my favourite is the noise second line from the top the far right. I see it as very successful attempt. Mine one is the bottom right meaning jumping up. I also think the secret the second line from the bottom second left is great. You can’t really see it ,but there is something hidden underneath the black strip.