The term is defined as the “study of consciousness in harmony” and involves reinforcing the connection between the body and the mind. 

Sophrology is a gentle therapy – think along the lines of a cross between Eastern techniques (Yoga, Buddhist Meditation and Japanese Zen) and Western therapeutic techniques (Hypnosis, Classical Relaxation Methods) – that aims to improve our wellbeing and quality of life. The technique offers exercises that are easy to practice in your everyday life and includes breathing work, body movements, muscular relaxation and visualisation.

One of the duties for my new volunteering position was design a poster for such activity. I have never heard this name before so I had to do some research into the topic.

As a graphic designer I like to do some search around for inspiration. I was disappointed there weren’t that many sophrology posters around to get inspired by. I was on my own then.

When looking at any poster  like to know what I am going to do and if it is difficult to do or not and this case was no different. I used very basic imagery for my poster to show what this activity involves.

You can use Sophrology to your personal gain, whether you simply need to top up your energy levels or are feeling strained as you go about everyday life.

Figuring out what specific issue you would like to address is the first step.

From there, visiting a Sophrologist to find out more about how it works will enable you to incorporate small practices in your life that will improve your life in the long run.

“You can think of Sophrology as an evolution of meditation where you learn to tap into your resilience and strength to deal with life’s challenges and create more balance and happiness,” explained Antiglio.

“It is more dynamic and uses a number of techniques including breathing, relaxation, body awareness and visualisation to help you connect with your resilience and improve your mental and physical health.”