For this post I have prepared a 4 page spread for a medical magazine. The work also features an advert for a Ginseng cosmetic products.

I have used a Adobe InDesign and pictures used are from

The reason why have done this post is a broadening my skills. I also think that desktop publishing for health sector is very important.

The main goal of most medical journals is improving medical care by publishing sound scientific articles (both research and practice papers) and focusing on topics that are of great importance to its readership. Secondary journalistic goals include improving the impact factor and breaking hot medical news. Because publishing a medical journal is a business like any other business, there are also business goals, which include increasing revenue and receiving financial support from industry. Typically, the business goals are the prerogative of journal owners. All these incentives may be conflicting.

In my work i am not putting together a real articles, but it has a training purpose for me.