For this new post I have created a new cookware catalog. The company doesn’t really exist it is all madeup by me.

I wanted my design to be simple and bright. I have used photos with bright colours.

Bit of History

Around 30,000 years ago, humans developed hot stone cookery, which involved heating stones in a fire before dropping them into a pit filled with water. Once a large enough quantity of stones were added to the pit, the water would start to boil, and the pit could be covered with leaves or animal skins to retain the heat. This had the advantage of separating the cooking area from the open flame, which was safer for the cook and reduced the likelihood of setting the cooking vessel on fire.

Early versions of hot stone cookery may have used baskets, but the really important innovation was the invention of ceramic pottery. Pottery made it possible to cook soups, stews, and other dishes that required a stable, waterproof container that could be used repeatedly.

Some of the dishes we make today, such as pasta or rice, would be difficult to cook using the hot stone method, but for slow cooking meats and vegetables, it was ideal. In fact, it wasn’t just a culinary step forward, but a major boon for human health too. Before the adoption of cooking pots, getting enough to eat required lots of chewing. As Bee Wilson writes, “If you couldn’t chew, you would starve.”

The next major step forward in the history of cookware was the development of metal cooking instruments. While copper tools have been around since at least 9000 B.C., it wasn’t until the Bronze Age, around 3000 B.C., when metalworking techniques had advanced enough that it became possible to make specialized cooking pots and cauldrons.

The ancient Romans were the most inventive,  creating metal colanders, steamers, frying pans, and more. They experimented with various metals, and spearheaded the process of frying fish in oil — in a large, flat pan called the patella, the precursor to the Spanish paella.

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