For this post I have decided to publish a photos for company social media I did during working there. All of the photos displayed here were shot on my smartphone.

There are 4 ranges of one brand of cosmetics shown here. Each range is targetted for a different customer.

The first shown here is more anti-aging range. It is meant to be cleaner with scientific approach.

It was quite difficult to be innovative with new picture every day.

I no longer work for the company, but was okay place to learn.

For online retail business, the importance of social media is great. 

It’s one of the many digital touchpoints that can be used for driving website traffic, generating sales and building engagement and having conversations with your customer base.

What’s more, an active social media presence has been proven to enhance brand awareness, trust and reputation. These elements help to increase your sales and enable you to develop a community of online advocates for your business. 

This range displayed above is targetted for people between 15 – 35 of age. I tried to creative with the background creating some kind of story with the dried flowers or the shadows.

The challenges for these pictures was the quality of the packaging used. The range is no longer in production due the high cost of the products themself and inadequate quality of the products and problems with the production.

Photos of the cosmetics above is probably the other side of the spectrum targetted atmore older and welthier customers. I am not showing all the photos I did, but just part. As with every brand I had to achieve certain look. and style of the photos.

Above are posted photos of agin something quite different to the first two.