I would like to address this post on my blog with the issue of using mock-ups instead of the product photos themselves. During my last job, I faced a problem where I had no choice but to take advantage of such mock-ups.

I am 100% sure that I am not the only one who has resorted to this possibility. I also do not think that the product has lost anything in its attractiveness and vice versa.

Part of my duty was to prepare photos for wholesale and various sales events for sale over the Internet and various flash events on websites such as a Wowcher, this option helped me a lot because in the individual photos there is not just one product, but need now three. The important aspect is that the labels on the products must always be legible.

I’m sure that my little trick helped to make the whole cosmetic board more attractive and further turn a somewhat cheap packaging into something quite attractive.

Real photography versus mock-up in product photography Product mockups are not suitable for all brands or circumstances. It is only advisable to use mockups in the preliminary stages of launching a product and/or if the costs of the technical team really offset those of a photo shoot with the product range. That will depend entirely on the type of product and photographs. Preparing a contextual background, into which real products can be incorporated, as in an IKEA catalog, is very expensive from a photography point of view. That’s why some sectors find mockups very beneficial, such as manufacturers of furniture, windows, floors, ceramic tiles, bathroom and kitchen installations and household appliances, or the automotive industry. These sectors can achieve very realistic replicas saving time and equipment, as it is easier to create a digital scene than a real one in such cases.

One can feel a bit guilty about misleading the customer regarding the real product when it arrives and how it looked on the picture when purchased.

I have created quite a few banners for this range and those wouldn’t be possible to achieve without this trick mentioned above.