I love Japanese food and therefore I have decided to create a Japanese Restaurant Banner.

I was trying to do quiet Asian like, but I am not Asian.

The name for the restaurant is “Koi” like the fish, which is in the background of the banner.

I am expecting , that more things will come.

I want to give credits to the photographer, who are responsible for the beautiful sushi images I have used.

In my usual fashion I went to http://www.pexels.com. I would like to thank these artists for their work.

Christel Jensen

Oslo, Norway 




Valeria Boltneva


tsapolka www.facebook.com/valeria.boltneva 

Chevanon Photography




byrawpixel byrawpixel www.rawpixel.com 

Visit rawpixel.com for more free images, PSD mockups and vectors. 

I have also created some brand t-shirts for the members of staff to be easier recognisable for the customers.

The third row of the uniquely designed t-shirts could be sold to customers.