Leaflets are a fantastic, vivid way to promote a business. Leaflets can offer great benefits to all businesses, no matter how big or small they may be. They are a great way of increasing awareness of who you are and what you offer, but more than that, they provide a way of reaching out to customers – new customers in particular. In this part of my portfolio I am showing the types of brochures I can do. I have […]


Film posters have been used since the earliest public exhibitions of film. They began as outside placards listing the programme of (short) films to be shown inside the hall or movie theater. By the early 1900s, they began to feature illustrations of a film scene or an array of overlaid images from several scenes. Other posters have used artistic interpretations of a scene or even the theme of the film, represented in a wide variety of artistic styles. For the […]


I decided to create a packaging project. These are the packaging boxes I have created so far. Recently I have observed that vintage look of packaging is trendy and I am also in favour of it. Designers always try to create something which would stand out and as I know food boxes are becoming more and more popular, therefore I also need to follow the trends.

Crisps Packaging

For this project I have created a set of packaging for fruit or vegetable crisps. I wanted to keep the style of packaging identical.

Healthy Range Packaging Design

To launch my new mock-up snacks, we designed a vibrant food packaging design to sell its health benefits and make the product jump off the shelf. Background I wanted my onlyhoney.ltd, an innovative foods company to aim and new customers who like a quirky design. Identifying a gap in the market,I wanted to introduce the UK’s first only honey snacks. Though healthy snack options are widely available, the great taste, wholesome ingredients and gluten-free designation made this product a unique […]

Packaging Design New fragrance for men

Today I have diced to devote my day to creation of men’s fragrance packaging. I have combined Adobe Illustrator where I have created the bottle and finished it in Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create something quite bright and colourful , something easily attracting attention. I am still around the simple shape of honey comb as I have in mind creating something around the same range. I know it is still bit cheesy, but I will expand the original idea […]


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