This post is add on to my packaging design for sparkling drinks you can see the previous posts if you click HERE .

I will not show the whole branding process here as that can be seen after you click on the link above.

I am enjoying the design process for these sparkling drinks as I found quite positive. I wanted this packaging to be funny and quite playful.

I haven’t move from the visual language of the previous two drinks Strawberry and Apple as that would confuse the consumer and I wanted to keep the brand integrity clearly recognisable.

As in my usual fashion I started with drawing.

I have teste several options, but to use shape of banana within a logo and in the same style like a I have used strawberry and apple is a tough job.

Whatever one does with a bana shame it will always remind something else too.

Below I am showing a sample of my strawberry drink packaging in 2D.

It is a different fruit so it will always look bit different, but I might come back with few more designs.

Lastly I wanted to show the label.

I will be back with designing more.