This project had main objection, that is to design for label to be used for the packaging of a 6” round cake.

The potential client is cake decorating company. The time lengh for this project was 30 minutes. Unfortunatelly I didn’t manage to do it within 30 minutes, but had fun never the less.

Sometimes it is great to have less time as that pushes the artist to simplify. I have started the design process as usual, doing a research to see how other designers had approached the topic.

The client is cake decorating company so the label should feature cake. I have decide to use a real cake and with help of Adobe Photoshop to change it into simple illustration.

So this is a base for my logo. It looks very tasty it is Blueberry-cream-cheese-buffer-cake. I didn’t want anything too overly complicated and this worked fine for me.

Next step was to change appearance of this delight to something simple.

This a cake version in Adobe Illustrator. I didn’t like the appearance when I used the Tracing function in Illustrator so I have decided to draw it instead using pen tool.

As i have mentioned earlier I didn’t have much time so I sticked to this shape and just changed colours and etc.

The cake on the bottom left is the winner. I had to keep in mind it is a cake decoaring company so the label should feature something reminding the core of the client business and that is decorating cakes.

Above are the different background colours and cake placements. I have decided to go for the beige one. I like testing things quite early on as I sometimes lack the patience. Below you can see my test.

The background is highly stylised to help the cake stand out bit better. I was quite happy with this but decided to go bit further and do few more simplier designs.

I felt this is a better move as things are sometimes better to be simple rather than complicated.

This loooks delicious. I can imagine some rich chocolate cake.

I have also had to search for the right font .

Every cake shop also needs it’s own branded items such as a bag.

Logo psd created by freepik – I have to be responsible and reveal my sources. The image above is created with help of the people behind the link.